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The writing is undoubtedly a creative work that reflects the thinking and written speech of its author. In order to unify the compositions, which helps to evaluate them more objectively, the similar rules have been developed. In this article, we will consider the requirements for the volume of works in accordance with these rules.

Each essay should have the following structure:

  • Title page.
  • Plan.
  • The text of the essay.
  • List of sources used.

The text of the essay consists of the following elements:

Introduction – the relevance of the topic is substantiated, the problem is posed, and the importance of studying this problem is argued, the purpose of writing the essay is determined. The size of the introduction of 1-2 pages.

The central part consists of at least three points. You can make one item deployed. A clause may have at least two sub-clauses. In paragraphs of the central part, the theme of the essay is revealed, thoughts, statements, and arguments are given, which are given in their proof. The citation and thoughts of other authors are welcome in support of the hypothesis presented in the essay. The main part is the largest in the structure of the essay. Practice shows that in most universities, it takes 8-10 pages.

The conclusion contains the conclusions reached by the student in the process of achieving the goal set in the introduction. The volume of the conclusion is 1 page.

The list of sources used includes references used in alphabetical order by the names of the authors and Internet resources with their links. The information on the sources used is given in accordance with the sequence, scope, and rules of bibliographic description established. The volume of references is 1 page.

Consider the basic requirements for registration, which directly affect the amount of your work:

  • Use A4 sheets.
  • Set the margins of the following size: upper and lower – 20 mm, left – 30 mm, right – 10 mm.
  • Use only TimesNewRoman font, size 14, one, and a half space.
  • Each structural should begin on a new sheet.