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Since science is focused on obtaining new knowledge, the author of a scientific work needs to familiarize himself with the publications of other scientists and highlight the results of his research from an array of already known information.

To do this, the researchers refer to the used publications of other scientists and cite some fragments.

Citation Forms:

  • Exact citation. With this method of quoting, punctuation marks should be placed in the same way as in sentences with direct speech.
  • Bibliography formation

Recommendations for the design of bibliographic lists:

1. The list must have end-to-end ordinal numbering of the documents included in it.

2. Information about the sources is numbered in Arabic numerals and printed from the indention.

3. The most common way of grouping sources is the systematic way in which the descriptions of books and articles are located in the general alphabet of the names of the authors and the titles of books and articles.

4. At the beginning of the list, it is recommended to have official and regulatory documents (Federal laws, Decrees of the President, decrees, regulations, orders, etc.). Within the group of similar documents, descriptions can be arranged either alphabetically or by chronology.

5. At the end of the list, there are descriptions of sources in foreign languages, arranged in the Latin alphabet.

6. Descriptions of the works of authors are usually located in the alphabet of their initials.

7. The works of one author and his works with co-authors are included in the list in the alphabet of the first words of the titles, and the names of the co-authors are not taken into account.

8. Information about regulatory documents and articles from periodicals is provided with the obligatory indication of the source of publication.

9. If you used an electronic document from the Internet in your work, indicate the address of the server or database in the publication source.

According to the general provisions of the Bibliography Reference, there are bibliographic references: inline, placed in the text of the document; interlinear, rendered from the text down the page of the document.